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Covered shopping area and small town houses preferred in survey response to Peacehaven centre Master

A covered shopping area and small town houses were selected as preferences in response to the Peacehaven town centre Masterplan survey. Other preferences included agreement with the proposed new pedestrian streets and squares and backing for a business or enterprise centre.

Least favourite options selected included sheltered housing and pubs and bars. 844 responses were received in total which will be used to develop policies and as supporting evidence for the emerging Neighbourhood Plan.

Cathy Gallagher chair of the Peacehaven and Telscombe Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Group said, "Although a slightly higher percentage disagreed with the Masterplan overall this gives us a fantastic idea of what people do want for their new town centre. We will now be busy feeding back these results to residents and other interested parties, drafting the Neighbourhood Plan and consulting on design codes for new developments."

For more information about the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Group see the website, Facebook and Twitter.

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