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The Vision

Our vision is for Peacehaven and Telscombe towns to be sustainable, with clean air and an environment which provides a good quality of life for all inhabitants.

Key Objectives

A refocused Town Centre on the Meridian Site including retail, leisure and food and drink outlets, small business units essential for sustainable living. Safe pedestrian walkways, cycle pathways to access all areas within the built-up areas and the countryside. New housing aimed at local needs including low cost long term rentals.


Two and a half years in and the process is well underway. Following the “First Conversation” and a series of public exhibitions in 2018/19, you told us you wanted a plan that would help improve:

•    Transport and air quality
•    Enhance the area’s character with better design
•    Address climate and coastal change
•    Diversify the economy with more local jobs
•    Change the Meridian Centre

The steering group gathered further evidence and information in 2019 including a formal ‘call for sites’ from local landowners. They then commissioned international civil engineering consultants AECOM to undertake assessments of all the sites (paid for through a grant) and published a report in September 2019 (see Documents page of this website).

In early 2020, with the help of their professional advisors, the steering group commissioned post-graduate students at the University of Brighton to undertake a series of studies, including policy recommendations, on the issues you wanted the plan to address (see above). These are available to view on the Documents page of this website.

The steering group also commissioned a Masterplan from an urban design team at AECOM (paid for through a further grant) and undertook a survey of residents for ideas for the Meridian Centre to inform the Masterplan. The Masterplan includes four different scenarios with a new pedestrian streets and squares; areas for markets, street trees and small parks; shops, cafes and restaurants; town houses and apartments (a proportion that will be affordable) and a smaller supermarket.

A summary of the Masterplan has been sent to every household (December 2020) with the Steering Group’s preferred scenario explained. You can view the full Masterplan by clicking on this link. Please complete the survey telling us your views.

The steering group is now drawing up the first chapters of the draft Neighbourhood Plan starting with Environment and Green Spaces. The intention is to publish a draft Neighbourhood Plan for consultation later in 2021.