The Vision

Our vision is for Peacehaven and Telscombe towns to be sustainable, with clean air and an environment which provides a good quality of life for all inhabitants.

Key Objectives


A refocused Town Centre on the Meridian Site including retail, leisure and food and drink outlets, small business units essential for sustainable living. Safe pedestrian walkways, cycle pathways to access all areas within the built-up areas and the countryside. New housing aimed at local needs including low cost long term rentals.


A neighbourhood plan is being prepared which will set out a vision for how we the people of Peacehaven and Telscombe would like to live, work, study and play up to and beyond 2030.

The process has started, there has been the “First Conversation” a series of public exhibitions from which your feedback advised us that you wanted change at The Meridian Centre Site”

Contact THE

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Tel. 07810 560337


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