1. First conversation

A series of meetings have been held and initial Steering Group has been set up. You can see the members of the steering group here.

To help us a Consultancy  Group were commissioned  who are O’Neill Homer. An analysis of the Plan Area was undertaken for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threates (SWOT)


The A259 issues, lack of infrastructure were quickly identified and from there 3 possible Futures were identified.


Public exhibitions were then held.



Exhibition Boards


Possible Future 1

Stitching in New Homes

Possible Future 2

Redefining the Meridian Centre

Possible Future 3

A New Centre for a New Town

2. Results of the first conversation


The feedback forms and an online survey results were evaluated and 'Future 2 - Redefining the Meridan Centre' was most popular, followed closely by 'Future 3 - A new Centre for a New Town'

Survey Results

3. Where we are now


From the beginning of August to the 31st of October 2018 there is a public 'CALL FOR SITES'. Asking land owners with sites of over 0.2 hectares to contact us so that we can identify land for a further 255 homes by 2030. 

Call for sites information

Contact THE

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Tel. 07810 560337

Email. ptsteergroup@yahoo.com

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