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Statement on proposed plans for the Meridian Centre

We have welcomed an early opportunity to discuss the Meridian Site with the developer HDD.

We advised HDD that their plans did not fulfil the 'vision' for the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) or the views of residents expressed in previous surveys. We emphasised that this was an opportunity to develop a vibrant town centre to be used by all age groups, an opportunity to create a centre to encourage local people to use the facilities throughout the day and evening.

A true destination with a greater number of retail units, a library, cafés and restaurants, improved community space, public realm, public transport, cycle paths with walkways and green infrastructure improvements. A housing mix reflecting and meeting local needs for affordable housing for all ages.

A sustainable town centre reducing local dependence on the A259.

We have given our views to HDD but they want yours. Please fill out their survey and encourage others to do so. The views of the young count as this is a redevelopment which will affect them for the next 50 years plus.

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