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Share your pictures of well-designed buildings in Peacehaven, Telscombe and East Saltdean

The Peacehaven and Telscombe Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group is looking for examples of well-designed buildings in the area to help inform future developments such as the new town centre on the Meridian site. You can upload photos to the Group’s Facebook or Twitter or email

Nancy Astley of the Steering Group said, “National Design Guidance explains that well-designed buildings where we live, work and play can make us feel safe and secure or give us a sense of excitement or delight. They can affect our well-being and give us a sense of inclusion and community.

“A good design involves careful attention to materials, the palette of colours, how well the design fits in with the surrounding landscape and how well buildings and places can be accessed and used. If you would like to share a good example with us to help inform our work, then please send us a photo.”

The Steering Group is developing a neighbourhood plan which will ensure there are protections and safeguards in place and new developments are better designed and more in keeping with the character of the area.

If you see a building in the area that you like the look of then upload it to the Steering Group’s Facebook or Twitter or email

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