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Public consultation on masterplan for centre of Peacehaven

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

A masterplan has been published for the centre of Peacehaven including the Meridian site and a consultation has been launched by the Peacehaven and Telscombe Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to get the public’s views.

The masterplan, created by consultant’s AECOM, includes design ideas for commercial, public and residential buildings to contribute in the region of 100 homes to the town’s statutory requirement, to provide a minimum of 255 housing units in Peacehaven and Telscombe by 2030.

The aim of the masterplan is to improve the design of the area, make it more sustainable and a better place to live and work. The consultation is asking residents for views on a range of options, which include:

• Development of supermarket and shops

• Creating public squares and community spaces for cultural events

• Improving ease of use of the site

• Building new residential properties

• Providing space potentially for outdoor food and drink, youth activities and office use

Cathy Gallagher, Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group said, “We have passed on resident’s views from the initial survey and have already pushed back on the heights of the buildings and the number of housing units from 320 to 123. We now feel that the final version of the masterplan meets some of the designated housing needs and the main aspirations of the residents, which were set out in the initial consultation survey in 2019.”

The closing date for comments is Sunday 31st January. A summary leaflet will be delivered to every home in Peacehaven, Telscombe and East Saltdean. Below are live links to:

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will then write a summary report setting out the residents’ comments and findings for the centre of Peacehaven, which will be used to shape the Neighbourhood Planning policies for the area. The summary report will be completed and available for residents by February 2021.

The masterplan is designed to set out resident’s ambitions for the site and is not a planning application. The Meridian site is currently the subject of a redevelopment proposal and by setting out aspirations for this area the Steering Group hopes that developers will look at the masterplan, residents’ responses and take the ideas on board as they design the site.

If you would like to fill the consultation out offline please email

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